Emoji are not inserting in database node js mysql

When we are using MySQL database, now days we need to integrate the smileys [Emoji] for any description or status texts. Let's an example that we need to save user bio into mysql database, then we can store emoji into status just like WhatsApp is storing the emoji into status or any description where user... » read more

Phpmyadmin [sql.lib.php] PHP 7.2+Ubuntu 18.04 Fix!

Phpmyadmin [sql.lib.php] + PHP 7.2 + Ubuntu 18.04 | Fix Bug When PHP 7.2 comes into market, There are many incompitable scenario can be seen. Meanwhile I meet a situation after installing latest verison of PHP that is 7.2. Installed PHPmyAdmin on my aws server. After loggin into phpmyadmin it is showing a warning showing... » read more