Mongoose find to match id with values stored as comma separated string

Mongoose query (find) to match id with values stored as comma separated string in MongoDB Assuming that we have stored the values into db is like [ { "tags": "fun,game,reading,photography" }, { "tags": "politics,game,workout,photography" }, { "tags": "programming,photography,business" } ] Model: Customer Customer.find({$where : 'this.categoryid.indexOf("' + categoryId + '") != -1'}); Originally posted Here

How to use React JS and Node JS App without Port

Use Apache as a proxy server using ProxyPass and ProxyPassReverse to access internal IPs from an external machine As we know every node js application is running on particular port. and we think about to host on production server, we have to run on port there. As simplicity we don't want to disturb the internal... » read more

Simple Tree View | Hierarchy Structure for React JS

We will use react-animated-tree npm package for react js, can be used for react hierarchy structure. Link : react-animated-tree content, Name of the node (string or React-component) type, optional description, good for displaying icons, too (string or React-component) open, optional: default open state canHide, optional: when set true displays an eye icon visible, optional: default... » read more

All Array Object into n Group?

All Array Object into n Group? Sometimes, we face a very common but very confusing situation where we have to think more deeply into it. let’s say we have 2000 objects in an Array. Now we have to distribute all objects into n groups where n is integer digit. let’s say, 8 groups. var allObjects... » read more